Tuesday, September 14, 2010

18 months and 20 weeks

Claire had her 18 month check up last week - and she finally broke the 20 Ib mark! She weighed in at 21 Ibs and was 31 inches long. Dr. G was happy with her development, and wasn't worried about her lack of words. Don't get me wrong, she talks/sings non-stop - but most of it is in her own language... We also had our 20 week ultrasound for baby #2 today. The doctor wrote down the baby's gender on a card and sealed it up. :( So it's still a mystery... but the nurse slipped up once and said "he" - and the baby weighs in at 14 oz, which is pretty big! So we're guessing it's a boy!
Claire's first time in heels...

Granny O'Mara came down from Kansas for Labor Day Weekend!

Watching Dora :)