Friday, January 28, 2011

Things You Just Can't Prepare For...

Having been through this newborn baby thing once already, I thought I would have everything under control. Famous last words...

There are things that you just can not be prepared for... for example:
1. Being pooped, peed and spit up on - all with in 3 minutes of each other.
2. Having all of the above things happen to you at 2:30am.
3. The sheer exhaustion you feel after 3 weeks of no sleep.
4. How messy your house can get when a two year old has free reign...
5. How much you miss having a grandparent around to help!
6. Weekdays are the longest days. I have never looked forward to Friday afternoons more. Russ = Reinforcements.
7. And finally - how much you can love a human being that is only a few weeks old. It's quiet overwhelming!

On that note - Hooray that it's Friday!! :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

It's a...BOY!!

Luke Anthony Eggemeyer was born January 8th at 1:13pm! Mr. Luke decided to come 3 weeks early...but honored his father's wishes and wasn't born during the Cotton Bowl. Since Dr. B had told us early in the week that I was dialated to 4cm - we knew that it would be soon. So sure enough - Saturday morning at 5am I started having contrations and we left for the hospital at 8:30. By 10:30 I had my epideral (thank goodness - because my contractions were intense) and I was at 6cm. By 12:50 - the doctor had me start pushing... and a few minutes later Luke was born! :) He weighed in at 7 Ibs 2.5 oz and was 19 3/4 inches long. He was nameless for the first few hours of his life - but we finally decided on Luke Anthony - power saints!
Claire has been so great with Luke - she wants to hold him every time he eats. She is pretty patient, for a 2 year old. When we were brainstorming what to name him - we asked Claire what she wanted to name him - her response was "Ohhh baby". So he was "Ohhh Baby" for a while. But now she calls him Baby Uke - "L's" are hard to say...
Here are a few pictures from the hospital.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


At the doctor this morning - we received some great news!! I am currently 4 cm along and 50% effaced. When Dr. B told me - I thought she was joking, since that usually means you're in labor...but she said some women stay at 4 cm for weeks.
So here I am, almost 37 weeks along - with tons to do!! When we got home from the appointment - Russ and I started running around the house like a bunch of chickens with our heads cut off. Setting up the pack n play in our room (which we are missing pieces to), getting out the car seat, etc. Claire kept following us around the house saying "Bebe" (baby). It was too cute!
I would hate to post a blog without any pictures... so here are a few of Claire having one of her many tea parties! :)