Thursday, October 15, 2009

Busy Baby

Claire has become quite the busy little lady...

It's become difficult to take pictures of her, because she thinks the camera should be her toy or she won't stay still. It is strange how you can't wait for your baby to reach the next milestone - whether it be sitting, crawling, etc - but once they reach it, you miss how they relied on you so much. Maybe that's just me...

Reason #1 - interested in camera:

Reason #2: baby on the move... she is always crawling to the dog.


  1. She is so so cute! I love her babbling. She wants to tell you doesn't she?!

  2. That is so precious. I can't believe she is crawling and stuff already. They grow up too fast!

  3. That was so rude of Tuff!!! She worked so hard to get there! lol!

    Can we have a play date soon? I miss you and Claire! Plus, I finally have your BM gift in.