Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Playing Catch Up...

I've come to the conclusion that I'm the worse blogger...considering it's been 3 months since I last updated this thing. We have had a wonderful summer - that went by entirely too fast! Claire changes everyday and it's safe to say she is no longer a baby, she has become a toddler. Over the summer we also added another Eggemeyer to our family. :) My due date is January 29th - so he/she is cooking right along! We go in early next month for our 20 week sono - where normally we would find out if it's a girl or boy...but we're going to let it be a surprise this time. If it was up to me, we would find out next month - but Russ is very adamant about this one being a surprise. We actually made a bargain - he had to give up alcohol for my entire pregnancy (except for on our annual River Trip, Thanksgiving, & Christmas) - in order for me to agree to do this. Our dear friend Caroline even helped us type up a contract and we all signed it - including my doctor - who thought the whole thing was hilarious. So - as of right now - Russ has lost 10 Ibs and I have gained 3 Ibs since we found out we were expecting. I wasn't expecting him to loose so much weight so fast - I rather enjoyed him gaining weight with me while I was pregnant with Claire!

Baby #2 at 8 weeks
Since May - Claire has started adding words to her vocab everyday. She is not the biggest talker out there, and the only actually sentance she has put together is "Bad Bo" - but she will usually try to repeat anything you ask her to. Her favorite word is "doggie" - she loves to give our dog hugs and sit as close as he will let her. We haven't started the potty training process - but we did buy her one and it sits in the bathroom. If she sees you going to restroom - she wants to sit on hers - but so far all she has done is pass gas! One of these days she'll do some other sort of business in there, and then I guess we'll start potty training. I'm not in any real rush - but it would be nice to have her out of diapers by January!
Claire and I spent two weeks in Houston earlier this month visiting family, while Russ was away on business. We survived our first road trip together - with the help of her DVD player and Dora the Explorer! She was tuned into Dora the whole time, and hardly made a peep! While we were down there - we found out that she is a water baby...I don't think a day went by that she did not get in the pool. She even learned how to blow bubbles!! GiGi bought her a life jacket - which she loves! If you let her, she'll just float on her back around the pool by herself. It's pretty funny to watch. While we were visiting, Claire got to experience the beach for the first time. We actually went three time while we were down there. She liked the water and the waves. Claire also received a new nickname - Babyzilla - she was great at knocking over any sandcastles that were built! At the end of the second week - we drove down to New Braunsfels for a long weekend of floating the river. Russ met us down there the day we arrived. Claire floated twice - the first time we went on a mini-float to see if she would like it or not - and she did great sitting in my toob. But the second float didn't go so well. We took her in the middle of the day, so it was pretty hot and she ended up taking a nap on me the last hour. Poor little girl was pretty tired. But it was a great trip - it will be interesting to see how it goes next year, when we have a 2 1/2 year old and a 6 month old...
Babyzilla and Aunt Kim building a pyramid

Claire enjoying her life-jacket!
Pool time with Uncle Willy

Swimming with GiGi

Claire's new hiding spot...

Hugs for baby Landon :)

Kisses for Baby Ellie


  1. Claire is getting so big and is adorable! Congrats to y'all on the new baby, it is very exciting and I'm sure Claire will love bring a big sister!

  2. Congratulations!! So exciting! Claire is such a cutie! Looks like y'all had a fun time in Houston!

  3. Yay for another baby!! Claire is getting so big. They change so quickly at this age. Congrats again!

  4. It was so fun to hear your summer update!! claire is just so cute!!