Thursday, March 3, 2011

smiles :)

Thank heaven for smiles!

I think God had a plan when he gave baby's the ability to smile...
All of the books I have read say that babies are not able to smile till they are 6 weeks old or older. This is also the age when their fussiness reaches it's peak. Well Mr. Luke is no exception! He has been on feeding frenzy these days.. wanting to eat every 2 hours. It has been really exhausting on Russ and myself.

But just when you think you have reached your breaking point - your little baby smiles!

It's greatness!!

With that said... thank heaven for smiles :)


  1. I SO agree. Those smiles are so rewarding, right at 6 weeks when we're ridiculously exhausted and feeling like our babies will never be happy. And Luke has a super-cute little smile. Love the one on the Boppy. :-)

  2. Very cute! Our little ones have been smiling in their sleep for a long time already but were are still waiting to get one of those 'responsive' smiles