Monday, May 9, 2011

4 Months

Baby Luke turned 4 months old yesterday.  He started his 4th month with a rough start...  Poor little baby had to have surgery last Friday.  He was born with a hypospadia, but the doctor was able to correct it.  Mr. Luke was a trooper at the hospital - even smiling at the nurses in the recovery room. 
He still rolls from front to back, and is so close to rolling from back to front.
Russ and I are still looking forward to sleeping...
I was hoping that I would get a full nights sleep for Mother's Day... didn't happen. 
Luke still wakes up at least twice a night to eat. 

His stats this month were:
Weight: 14 Ibs 11 oz  50-75%
Height: 25.3 in 75-90%

Playdate with Rawston (2mo)

Luke 4 mo, Landon 11mo, Claire 2yr

Waiting to go into surgery...

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