Thursday, November 5, 2009

8 1/2 months...

It's hard to believe that Claire is almost 9 months old... how time flies!
Over the last two weeks, she has changed so much. She is full out crawling - and once she gets moving you better get out of her way! This week she has started "pulling up" on everything in sight - or at least tries to.
Here's a few of her stats:
Foods: all of the normal veggies and fruits, she loves applesauce, pears and bananas. Her favorite veggie is peas - or sweet potatoes. She also feeds herself "puffs"
Clothes: 6 months
Teeth: 2 on the bottom, and 1 on the top is about to poke through any day now
Hair: finally starting to come in - it's looks like it will be a dark brown.
Sleeping: through the night, from 7pm to 7am (sometimes 6:30). We still pick her up at 10pm for the dream feeding. She will only sleep on her tummy...
Getting Around: crawls everywhere and is starting to pull up
Sounds: she loves to sing to herself and babbles to whoever will listen
Likes: to be held, go for walks, and her puppy - Tuff
Favorite Toys: Sally her cow, Gerald the Giraffe, she loves wooden spoons and tupperware too!
Travels: she has been to Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and all over Texas
The following three pictures are of the first time she pulled herself up!
Baby on the move...
Ready for the cool weather!


  1. She is too cute! We really need to get her and Holt together sometime!

  2. Wow! She is growing so fast!! Such a cutie!

  3. So adorable!! I can't believe she is still in 6 month clothes...My chunk o monk is already in 9 month clothes. LOL. Claire is a beauty!