Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Operation Santa Claus

This was our first year to have Santa Claus come to our house - so we had no idea what to expect. Most of Claire's presents were already wrapped and under the tree except for her kitchen from Nana, a shopping cart from Granny and a broom from GiGi. Once we put Claire down for bed - we brought out the boxes that the kitchen and shopping cart were in...

Well, they were not pre-assembled like we thought. It ended up taking two adults, a few power tools and some Maker's Mark to put everything together...

An hour and a half later... the finished product(s)...

Here is a video of Claire on Christmas morning...
We got a new video camera for Christmas, and are still learning how to use it. So most of the video is more like an areial shot (thanks to Russ). We now know that videos come out better when you aren't standing over the object you're shooting :)
Also - the video is pretty quiet, so you may want to turn it up.
Lastly... our Christmas tree wouldn't turn on Christmas morning (we figured it out later that day) so that is why Claire seems so worried at the beginning.


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  1. Love this video. Kids make Christmas so much more fun!