Monday, February 14, 2011

We Survived the 1st Month!

I am happy to report that we survived the first month! It wasn't easy... and very stressful at times, but we did it!! Russ and I have much more respect for parents who have multiple kiddos under the age of two - or even three. Not only do we have a little newborn baby, who only knows how to cry when he wants something - but our sweet little angel (Claire) has hit the terrible twos - and she hit them hard.
I'm sure that having to share her mommy and daddy with a new baby might have something to do with it... but she has been spending quite a lot of time in TO (time out).
Claire definitely has a future in acting...she would be great in a movie with lots of drama. It's crazy how she can conjure up tears on command!!
Other than hitting the terrible two's - she has been really great with Luke. Nursing him is sometimes tricky - as Claire wants to be right next to me or wants to hold him at the same time.
When it's time for Tummy Time - Claire and her baby doll always join Luke. It's really cute! She also alerts me any time he spits up or as she calls it "baby milk".

Luke will be 6 weeks old this Saturday - which according to Babywise - is when babies can start sleeping for longer periods at night. Russ and I have our fingers crossed that this is the case with Luke. The longest he has gone is 3 1/2 hours, and that has only happened twice. He generally eats every 2-3 hours. So we are looking forward to getting more than 2 hours of sleep :)

He did give me two real smiles yesterday - and they weren't sleepy smiles! It's amazing how those two little smiles make you forget about how exhausted you are...

Claire and Luke doing some Tummy Time

So sleepy!

So sweet!

Luke's first bottle - he loved it!

One of our many snow days...

The shirt says it all!


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